How to create Intranet with SharePoint Modern Communication Sites – Part 2

In my previous post I demonstrated how to start creating an Intranet using Modern SharePoint Communication sites. In this post I will show how to add Megamenu Navigation and Footer to the Communication site.

Add Megamenu Navigation to Intranet Root Site

Microsoft has just released new features to Modern SharePoint Sites. Now we can add Megamenu navigation to the Communication Sites. Let’s do this to our intranet example.

This can be done by editing the Intranet root site setting. Click Gear -icon from the Office 365 ribbon and then select Change the look -link from the drop down menu.

Select Navigation -link from the Change the look dialog to edit navigation settings for Intranet.

Select Navigation -option from Change the look dialog

Then you have two options for navigation style: Megamenu or Cascading.

Select Megamenu for Menu Style and confirm changes by clicking Apply button

After that you can add links to your Megamenu navigation by editing your intranet top navigation.

You can add Headers (see Company Information in picture below), Sub headers (Company Policies, Legal, Locations), Sub links (IT Policy, HR Policy, Legal Unit ect.).

Edit intranet top navigation links

After saving the settings Megamenu will look like this. See picture below.

Intranet Hub Top Navigation with Megamenu

Add a footer to your Intranet Root Site

Footer Settings can be found same way like navigation settings. You have to go Change the look -dialog from the Office 365 ribbon. As you can see, there is a Footer -link in the Change the look settings.

Select Footer -option from the Change the look dialog

In a footer settings you can set name and visibility to your footer, and also change the logo for the footer.

Set visibility, logo and name for a footer

Footer links can be edited by clicking Edit footer navigation link from a footer settings.

Footer links editing panel will open to the top left corner of browser window.

Ready footer will look like this. See picture below.

Footer logo, name (Intranet HUB) and footer links (Share this site, Term of use)


These new megamenu and footer features are very welcome improvements to the SharePoint Communication sites.

Unfortunately, we still not have Out-of-the-box option to create Hub Sites wide shared Megamenu navigation and shared Footer. If you have those kind of requirements for your intranet, you have to implement a custom solution or use Turnkey Intranet solutions like Valo Intranet.

In the next post I will explain how to add custom Site Theme to SharePoint communication sites.

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