Audience targeting for News in SharePoint Online

Microsoft has released audience targeting for modern SharePoint Sites. You can use targeting for example in the news web part for showing specific news for the specific group of people.

How to enable audience targeting in Modern SharePoint Site

First, you have to enable audience targeting in the list or library. For example, in the Site pages -library.

Go to your Site Pages library and select Library settings from the Office 365 Gear Icon.

After that, click Audience targeting settings and select the “Enable audience targeting” checkbox and click OK-button.

Second, go to back to Site pages -library and you can see new Audience -Column in the library view. See picture below.

Select the news post you like and give right Audience for the news from the properties pane. You can use Office 365 groups or Azure Active Directory Groups in the Audience. In my Example, I selected Office 365 Group called “Team Site Members”.

Third, go to your SharePoint Modern page, for example your intranet front page, and edit the page and enable “Audience targeting” in the news web part.

Test for different user to see, if the News web part are showing the news for specific people.

Note! Remember that Audience targeting isn’t security trimmed, so the users can see the news from the direct link or by using the search, if they have read permissions to the news article.

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